And According to the New Rules…

Today is TRR day. I’ve caught up on correspondence and subs and updated the website. Of course, I really need to write the editorial and consider the questions for an upcoming interview feature, but I don’t really have time for either of those before the kids get home so I WILL blog!

For my local readers, I’d like to draw attention to the new Medford Arts Center, which I toured on Tuesday. I’ve been advising the Medford Cultural Arts Commission on their Literary Program since last Fall, and in June the Commission opened the new Arts Center, conveniently located on Medford High St. Plans are afoot to began a Reading Series and put together a schedule of workshops and seminars for 2010. But for now, Burlington County residents might be interested to learn that the MCAC is sponsoring a local poetry contest for the second year running. Entry is free for up to 3 poems–simply visit the Medford Township website and download the entry form. (Please note: I will be judging, so please do NOT enter if you are a close personal friend or previous student of mine.) [Read more…]

Tuesday Musings

According to my new schedule, Tuesday afternoon is my day to work on the Barefoot Muse. So, I have caught up on submissions (a much easier job now I have my wonderful Assistant Editor, Nick Friedman) and added a new page to the website on which I will list all copies of books received for review. (There were two in the rather full Post Office box when I swung by last week.)

New rule: on days when my allotted task does not fill the time I have available before the kids get home from school, I WILL blog! [Read more…]

Playing Catch Up

You wouldn’t believe what a busy summer I’ve had. Actually, you probably would, given that I have updated this blog precisely four times! Anyway, the kids are now back in school and I promise to be a more regular blogger through the fall. (Christmas will be a whole different story.)

Firstly, some upcoming appearances. Tonight I will be at the Barron Arts Center in Woodbridge, NJ, from 7 p.m. I facilitate a workshop and then read at 8 p.m. On Friday 18th from 5 p.m. onward the QND Poets are hosting a Poetry Event at The Daily Grind to run concurrently with the Mt Holly Fall Festival. Participants include Dan Maguire, Deborah LaVeglia, Rachel Bunting and Tammy Paolino. Finally, I will be representing the Schuykill Valley Journal as a Contributing Editor on October 17th, at the Push to Publish Conference hosted by Philadelphia Stories. [Read more…]