A Word of Advice

Never agree to having your kitchen ripped out the day after you come back from a week’s vacation, which happens to be the day the kids go back to school. Seriously. I can take most things in my stride but these last few weeks have been beyond chaotic. It’s not over yet either. I console myself with the fact that it is going to be gorgeous, with acres more storage space that will allow me to be efficient and organized, freeing up extra writing time. Well, that’s the theory.

So, what else is new. I sent the first 30,000 words of the non fiction manuscript off to the agent I met at Bread Loaf, and I entered another handful of poetry book contests. The Barefoot Muse got some decent publicity in the latest South Jersey Magazine, thanks to my friend, journalist Maureen Palli. The puppy has officially reached ‘beast’ proportions (>75 lb.) The new gymnastics season is getting underway with Becky’s first Level 7 Meet in just a few weeks, so get ready for the reappearance of “Gymnastics Mom.” There’s a QND reading in Mt. Holly next Friday. If you are waiting to hear from me regarding a submission to either TBM or the Raintown Review, then have patience. As you can tell I’ve a lot on my plate right now.

And if all that seems a little un-compartmentalized, well you should just see the ground floor of my house!

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