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Xmas BOTBM!The Best of the Barefoot Muse anthology is now in the hands of its contributors, subscribers and other people who for one reason or another scored free copies. I have just 31 copies left in my office from the first print run of 200. The anthology has received its first 5 star Amazon review, and response from the recipients is overwhelmingly positive so far. I think I can call the project a success. Financially it’s a break even, assuming I sell all the remaining copies I have. Of course, it could suddenly take off on Amazon…

Next year’s projects for the press include a chapbook of my own translations and a chapbook contest. I’ve got to get to work on the latter–the admin could be a headache.

I will also be teaching Rhetoric and Composition at Richard Stockton College of NJ next semester. Odd, how things happen. Right after I graduated from Bennington I sent my resume to all of the local colleges and community colleges, hoping to get an adjunct job. I think only one even gave me the courtesy of a reply–a rejection, naturally. After a year or so I sorta gave up, assuming my unconventional resume was never going to get me a look in. Of course I know people at Stockton, so when I heard they were looking for adjuncts I dusted off my resume and sent it in. I went down for interview on the 14th and they offered me the position on the spot. It’s a wonderful campus and the professors I met with all seem like interesting and lively people, so now I just need to construct my syllabus.

Christmas is largely (and somewhat unbelievably, under the circumstances) handled. I’ve even wrapped the majority of the gifts. It’s a quiet one at home this year, which helps. I’m looking forward to seeing the girls’ faces when they open their gifts; it was fun shopping for them this year: no more fiddly plastic toys–it’s all jewelry, cosmetics, clothes and other stuff that makes up the kind of Xmas stocking I would have wanted at 12-14 (actually, that I’d still like now!)

So, here’s a Merry Christmas or a Happy Holidays to all my readers, and I wish you all the best for 2012. Don’t expect too much in the way of blogging first quarter–I’m going to be too busy to close parentheses!

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