And Now a Few Words From Gymnastics Mom

Becky had another great meet today, posting her highest level 5 Beam score of 8.525, which earned her eighth place out of the 24 girls in her age group. She also placed ninth in Bars with 8.1. She forgot an element of the floor routine (an automatic deduction of .7) which accounts for the 7.85. And let’s just say that the entire team needs a whole lot more practice on Vault, and as this was the only event where the two first year level 5s showed their inexperience, 7.25 really wasn’t that bad!

It’s been a long day already though. We left here at 6.45 a.m. for the hour’s drive to Millville, and awards finished at 1.30 p.m. Of course we had to take the champion gymnast to a late lunch at Friendly’s, and then we rewarded both girls with a new Nintendo DS game. (Lorna was very patient during the entire process, and sweetly excited to see her sister collecting ribbons.)

And it’s Superbowl Sunday, a fact which I am sure will not have escaped my good friend (and Colts fan) KB. So pretty soon I am due at a neighbor’s for the obligatory Superbowl party.

After all of that, I might be allowed to get some sleep!

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