And Now for Something a Little Different…

I often feel that e-zine editors, myself included, don’t sufficiently exploit the advantages html publishing provides over traditional print media. A change of mindset is required, perhaps, and until we achieve it fully, e-zines will typically be perceived as the country cousins of print journals.

But today I’d like to bring your attention to a new site which IS utilizing the powers of web publishing in a fascinating and innovative way.

That site is Quick Muse, a poetry site run by Ken Gordon that has been online for a little over a year. The ethos is that well-known poets are invited to compose poems on the spot, on a chosen theme. Here’s the fun part: their composition process is recorded, and using the play back function, readers are able to observe the process of writing the poem as it occurred in real time.

One of this week’s poems is by Major Jackson. So, go to QuickMuse and/or click on Play Back the Piece to follow his methodology. The given poem subject was Kurt Cobain and whatever eco-friendly products he would have liked his music to be represented by!


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