And So What Do YOU Do?

I’ve always found this question difficult to answer, but lately it’s becoming a little ridiculous–I feel like I have as many hats as Imelda Marcos has shoes. Let’s recap the day so far and see if it helps.

I got up, woke the kids (sequentially), made their lunches, and saw them onto their respective school buses. I’m a Mother, then, that much is both crucial and important.

I went to the gym. To an extent that makes me a Lady of Leisure, I suppose, or at least someone who is in control of her own time.

I paid in some checks at the bank–the checks were either for teaching (One private lesson, one WWAC session, one Care 1 session) or for pre-orders of anthology copies.

I walked Sam. Dog-owner, then. Yes, for sure.

The second proof of the Best of The Barefoot Muse anthology arrived, and I spent some time with it, also setting in motion the next steps towards making copies generally available. I am the Managing Editor of Barefoot Muse Press! Yay me! Seriously, this is perhaps the thing that is currently giving me the most satisfaction–I love playing with the technology and the project plays to all my organizational strengths.

I went to the Care 1 facility to do a Christmas poetry project with my Alzheimers seniors. Teacher, then, yes. But even that is partitioned further–WWAC, Care 1, plus I have a residency coming up at Hainesport Elementary School and an interview next week to adjunct at Richard Stockton College of NJ.

I came home and drove Becky to Gymnastics practice. Ah, Mother again. Goodo!

I checked in on the online quantitative research I am managing for my husband’s company, Global Bridge. Oh, that’s right–I’m the Vice-President and Junior Partner in an International Sales & Marketing consultancy–I forgot that part.

I rated a couple of poems for Reena Heenan’s forthcoming online website of weddings poetry. Yep, Judge.

I haven’t written any poems recently but I’ve had acceptances from Verse Wisconsin and 32 Poems, so I guess I could call myself a Poet.

I didn’t do anything on the Raintown Review today but I’m definitely the Editor of that, in addition to being the Online Architect of the Schuylkill Valley Journal and Essay Co-Ordinator for the Mezzo Cammin Women Poets’ Timeline Project.

So, yeah. And what do YOU do? Oops! It’s time to take Lorna to dance class…

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  1. Rubin

    I recently visited MezzoCammin and came across three of your poems. Enjoyed reading them. I enjoyed this post as well. The poems that are there by many of the poets makes me feel I am at the base camp of the Everest. I find solace in the fact that many have climbed it before me, and many shall after me. Whether I perish trying, my disappointment will not be any more than a bald headed guy watching a shampoo commercial. 🙂

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