Back in the US of A

Would you believe it did not rain a single drop the entire ten days I was in the UK? That may be the best argument for global climate change that I have seen so far!

Anyway, interesting as it is to return from the UK with a tan that I would not have achieved in New Jersey during the same period, that was not why I visited. (It never is!)

I went to check in on my parents, to spend some time with my oldest girlfriend, and to–ideally, though as it turned out, not unrealistically–have a break. Missions accomplished, as all those who followed my regular photo updates on FB will know.

So the purpose of this blog entry is more to fill in some blanks of things that occurred in my absence.

Becky went to the NDA Dance Camp with the RV Dance Team, and was not only nominated for the All-American Squad, but also won the Top Gun Kick Award. Of course the dance team won gold for their team dance, qualifying for the National Finals in Florida next February (the weekend BEFORE AWP next year, thank goodness!)

Lorna started the Field Hockey Summer League, acquired a new Windows 8 laptop to start her (incredibly demanding) Summer Honors work, and generally kept the household going while I was away, doing laundry, feeding animals etc. etc. I wish I’d told HER to get the mail in! Sorry, mailman!

This backlog of mail included 5 contributor copies of “Care ADvantage,” a magazine for caregivers of people with Alzheimer’s, checks for recent endeavors including the editing of the NFL Concussions book (This will be well worth reading when it comes out) and many of Becky’s 16th birthday presents (23rd July!) Driving in the near future!

Anyway, I’ve been back 36 hours now, and I’m pretty much caught up with the essentials, but projects like the Alzheimer’s anthology and the next issue of the Raintown Review may take a little longer. Still lots of summer left though!



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