Birthdays and Other Good Things

I turned 40 on July 23rd. Ho hum. Actually it really wasn’t that bad. The previous Saturday we had a party that I had designed to my own precise specifications–even down to the dual guitar Guitar Hero available in the family room. Lots of friends, lots of presents, lots of wine.

On the day itself we had a quieter celebration, especially since my husband was, of course, traveling. Still, two lots of flowers arrived and there was pizza, cheesecake and champagne.

Then the next morning I received the best present of all–a phone call from the Editor of ABZ Press to say that my thesis manuscript, My Body, Torn From Me, had been chosen as one of the ten finalists for their first book contest.

Of course, it probably won’t win, but at least it means that someone thinks the manuscript has potential.


  1. Maryann Corbett

    Yes! Congrats on the finalist status for the manuscript!
    Hearing about finalist choices, and knowing something about
    those authors, helps me not be quite so cynical about contests.

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