Dreaming in…Pantoums?

I can’t seem to stop! They just happen! (This one, which arrived while I was walking the dogs, is not very publishable, so I am sharing…) [Proper blogging soon, promise!]

I did not want to write a pantoum today—
in fact I refused.
One came to me all the same
like automatic writing.

How could I refuse
the tape unspooling in my head,
like automatic writing
or empty needles’ clack and clatter?

The tape unspooling in my head
proves anything can become a habit,
(The empty needles clack and clatter,)
or an addiction in under thirty days.

Anything can become a habit,
and habits, I know, are hard to break,
as are addictions. In under thirty days
I have become a circus freak.

Habits, I know, are hard to break:
I did not want to write a pantoum today.
I have become a circus freak—
one came to me, all the same.

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  1. David Katz

    Consider yourself blessed, Anna. “In dreams begin responsibilities,” Yeats, who made some good use of automatic writing, said. As for myself, my summer project is to read all of Byron’s Don Juan in order to be able to dream in ottava rima.

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