I spent forty minutes today boxing with my personal trainer. Now, why, you might ask, would a 38 year old 5 ft 2 woman with a hole in the heart want to box? Some might reply it’s because I’m a scrappy little bitch. Actually, it’s a great workout, combining endurance, cardio, upper and lower body strength. But, furthermore, when you’re mad at the world it’s great to hit something, even if it’s only your personal trainer’s pads.

Then this evening I watched “Star Wars II: Attack of the Clones.” I’m not going to call this a great film, but it certainly is good entertainment. Given that I’m old enough to have seen the original three movies in theater, and was busy raising small children when the new ones started coming out, it’s a treat to discover that universe again (prequentially speaking).

So, you see, I can write a post and not even mention poetry, or my kids. Oops. (And I did write a poem WHILE watching the movie, called “Sonnet on a Line from Star Wars.” Oops again.)

Ah well, anyone got any Sith Lords they need beating up?

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