Good News Bad News

Becky and I both had to deal with good news/bad news today. Last week B was tested for inclusion in the TAG program at school. Now I pride myself on knowing my kids, who are, by the way, both very smart. B is creative, quick and intuitive, but she is NOT a good student. She’s too physical to sit still and concentrate on stuff, and she is a careless worker. So, she didn’t get in. The plus side of this is that I did have concerns over workload given the 12 hours of gymnastics she does per week. Anyway, she and I had a chat about it, and I think she’s okay with it. I compared it for her to how I felt when Cambridge University rejected me AND I said it was as much my fault as hers. I don’t know if that’s true or not but I certainly don’t spend time teaching her extra math like the father of one of the other girls who did get in.

My poem “Marriage, Sunset” didn’t even gain an honorable mention in the Margaret Reid. This is good because there is now no conflict with the US1 publication. But I admit I’m disappointed. Maybe the judge just didn’t like pantoums? Some people have huge grudges against the repeating forms I know.

Tonight a bunch of us are heading to the Mad Poets Society Bonfire, which should be a lot of fun anyway. I’ll be airing a couple of new poems, including my latest “The Giant Walk Through Heart.” Now, where’s the hipflask? Come to think of it, where’s the whisky?

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