Hainesport Township Election Altercation Video

Hainesport Township Election Altercation
Tony Porto’s Version
Scott Cooper’s Version

After the Hainesport Township election altercation, I gave my version, Scott Cooper gave his (see bottom left), and Deputy Mayor Tony Porto gave his (see top left), calling me a complete liar.

I like being called a liar even less than I enjoy being smeared with vulgar, sexist Kermit the Frog memes.

But what our esteemed township committee had forgotten is that the township building lobby has security cameras. And that the footage is subject to the Open Public Records Act. So we were able to submit an OPRA request and get hold of the footage.

Which speaks for itself. So again, I won’t editorialize much. I don’t need to. Except perhaps to say that Tony Porto doesn’t appear on the footage at all, does he?

This is the view from Camera 1.

And this is the view from Camera 2.

I rest my case.


  1. Anna_Evans

    Actually I have been told that Tony has pointed out (He has blocked me so I can’t see any of his actual posts or comments) that he is the man in a blue shirt and tan shorts in the corridor in the Camera 1 video. So, he was there. However, Scott and I have always maintained that the “yelling” was when Mike Fitzpatrick stuck his head out of the township building and yelled across the parking lot. I doubt Tony was close enough to be an effective witness to that, especially as he moves further down the corridor toward the end of the Camera 1 video.

    • Anna_Evans

      Hi again Jim. Again, thanks for taking the time to comment. It’s been pretty nasty so far, and I think I am handling it okay, but I appreciate your concern. Best, Anna

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