Hats Off to Amazon’s Createspace!

It literally took me 12 days from having the idea that I should use Createspace to market my CD, to making my first sale. Wow!

Some quick pointers for others planning on doing this:

  1. Every time you make changes to the artwork files or even the setup details for your project, they have to be resubmitted for the review process, so don’t submit them the first time until you are sure you have them right. I had to go through this process twice because of changing my website to www.annamevans.com halfway through.
  2. The artwork production software at Createspace is actually very versatile. Lots of clipart photos and variations on the basic designs. Spend some time drilling down to find suitable unique images and don’t just settle for the first thing you see. You can also upload your own photos, such as a picture of yourself.
  3. Once your files have been reviewed and okayed, you need to order a proof and check it carefully. I played my CD on my Mac, on our antique CD player, on my daughter’s PC and in my car.
  4. Choose all three distribution channels–that way you will have the CD available from Createspace the minute you hit “Approve proof.” (It takes a little longer to be available on Amazon.)

Gotta take Becky to the gym. It simply remains for me to give you a link for purchase! 😉 Buy now!


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