Health & Sanity Update

First of all let me say I have been touched by the many messages and gestures of support I have received since my–what shall we call it?–episode?–of last Monday. I’d like to thank M, G and Keba for the flowers, Twinings and Santuccis for the fruit baskets (Apple, anyone? I have a few…), my hospital visitors R, M and P (P also for the gift and the very welcome homemade lunch she brought me in hospital) and anyone who sent me a kindly email, left a comment here or a message on my answerphone. I feel very loved.

I haven’t had any reoccurrence, although I do have a newfound tendency to question any natural clumsiness or absentmindedness. But let’s face it: after a certain age we all do that thing where we walk into a room for a reason and stand there without the faintest clue what it was. I would say I am slightly clumsier with my left hand now–I dropped a medicine bottle this morning (Lorna has Strep)–but I don’t know if that’s residual weakness or some form of over-compensating.

The lifestyle changes have worked well so far. I immediately stopped taking the pill, which delivered its natural consequences on Thursday. I moved the radio alarm over to my nightstand where I have complete control, and set it five minutes earlier. Now, when it goes off I hit snooze and lie there luxuriating in my really very comfy bed and letting my body acclimatize to the idea of morning chores. I take a 325mg aspirin every day at lunch. And I’ve cut back on the alcohol. I didn’t touch a drop until Friday, when Keba bought a very good bottle of red wine (rather than the white I have a tendency to quaff) and I had one glass. (People who know me are currently reading this with their jaw on the floor, I’m sure.) Yesterday evening I had perhaps 11/2 glasses of the same wine over a period of about 3 hours. Keba was somewhat merry after watching the Ryder Cup in Dunleavy’s all afternoon. (Go, Europe!) Seeing him tipsy when I’m sober reminds me of the times I was pregnant.

So everything is fine, really. I’m even caught up on my MFA packet after spending the best part of Friday working on it. Hopefully next week I’ll be able to return you to the regular round of poetry blogging, with the occasional maternal interjection now gymnastics season is starting.

Thanks, everyone. It is good to be alive and have friends.


  1. Maryann Corbett

    Greetings, Anna. I visited your blog to look for a regular e-mail (not the Barefoot Muse submissions e-mail), and found out about the unsettling health issues. Glad to hear that things seem to be evening out for you; hope all continues well
    (Since I’m not finding an e-mail address here, I hope it’s okay to just notify you that somewhere in the Barefoot Muse submissions box, you’ll find a question from me about .wav files sizes and where MP3 would be acceptable instead.)

    Keep going easy on yourself in the “corpore sano” department,
    Maryann Corbett

  2. Anna M Evans

    Thanks Maryann & Rob! Don’t worry–I’m feeling fine, and the days aren’t wine-free although they have been wine-reduced!

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