Home, Minus One Ovary

Today was D-Day for the first half of my necessary surgery, the ovary removal. I should mention that since Sunday I have been bridging my blood thinning regimen by injecting Lovinox twice daily instead of taking Aspirin. Although this wasn’t my dream scenario it actually worked out okay. I got a fairly major bruise the first time I did it, but after that I appeared to get the hang of it.

Anyway today I went into the Ambulatory Surgical Center at 11 am and was released about an hour ago. Everything went smoothly as far as I know. My novel descent into general anesthesia was accompanied by me instructing the OR staff on the correct way to make tea! I have a lovely (not) picture of the cystic ovary. The pains on waking were pretty intense but hey, that’s why they invented Percoset.

Now I am propped up in bed with an ice pack on my belly being nursed by my wonderful daughters while my similarly wonderful husband heads to CVS for my pain med prescriptions.

The relief is palpable, and I have Chocolate Hob Nobs too!


  1. JP

    Thanks for the update… I was thinking about you today.
    So glad you came through with relatively flying colors.
    And if an addiction is to result from this, make it to the Hob Nobs – not the Percoset….

  2. Bruce Niedt

    Glad you’re home and recuperating, Anna. Take it easy and get well soon – hope to see you at Dan’s reading(?). Love those Hob Nobs! d:-) BN

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