Hoorahs and Sighs

A monthly bulletin is, somewhat shamefully, all I seem to be able to manage at the moment on the blogging front. Still, here goes:

Firstly a big thanks to Quincy and the Carmine St. Metrics crew for having me read at their splendid NYC series last Sunday night. The Bar on A is a nicely appointed venue in that it, well, has a bar, and the Open Mic is of an impressively high quality. I was delighted to acquaint myself with upcoming TRR contributors including Eric Norris and John Foy, plus I managed to sell out of the copies of Selected Sonnets I had brought with me. So, a good time was had by all. Bitter-sweet news: I was a semi-finalist for the Donald Justice Award. I don’t know how many semi-finalists there were, of course, so I don’t really know how close I came to this one, but clearly not close enough. One day my book will come…

I have a couple of poems up at The Chimaera’s new issue, along with sound files, if you would like to check them out.

Next Saturday 27th is the Mezzo Cammin Women Poets’ Timeline Launch in Washington DC. I will be attending this event at the Museum for Women in the Arts, which starts at 6 p.m. AWP is hot on the heels of that (April 7th-10th) and following that I am teaching back to back workshops the weekend of April 17th/18th. The Saturday is a one day event at Hammonton Theater–you can find details here. The Sunday is the last of my formal poetry workshops at the Manayunk Art Center, 12-2 p.m. and we will be covering the sonnet. (I have really enjoyed doing these–the participants have been a delight and very quick students of formal poetry.)

I have an ambitious plan to do the Poem A Day challenge in April after all (although this will probably mean even fewer blog entries) and I will try to keep you posted with that and other National Poetry Month joys as time allows. Ha!

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