Milestones R Us

Once again you find me blogging from the front line of suburban motherhood, aka the orthodontist’s, where Lorna is currently in the process of having her braces removed.

Lorna, who graduates Hainesport Middle School 8th grade this year, was keen to have the metalware taken out before the Graduation dance this Friday.

For me, this is a different kind of milestone. Never having experienced orthodontic care in the UK (we don’t tend to do it except for extreme cases, and yeah, I have a crooked though not very obvious bottom tooth) I am now coming to the end of about 6 years of shepherding my American daughters through the minefield of expanders, braces, rubber bands and finally, retainers.

Bye Dr. Ellis! I’ll miss our political…ahem…chats. Thanks for my daughters’ beautiful teeth!

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