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Anna with Piper

If you are new to Anna M. Evans & Dreaming in Iambic Pentameter, you might find it useful to visit a few of the most popular articles, grouped below according to subject.

Hainesport Township Council

Vote Evans & Schneider for Hainesport, 2016 — An introduction to me and our Democrat platform.

Hainesport Township Altercation Video — Watch Committeman Fitzpatrick intimidate me at the Primary Election Returns.

June Hainesport Township Meeting — includes video  of heated exchange between Committeeman Porto and Hainesport resident Pat Macken.

July Hainesport Township Meeting — includes video of Health Benefits motions.

Metrics and the Sonnet

Where Should a Sonnet Turn? — The turn or volta of a sonnet classically appears between the octave and sestet. Where should a sonnet turn? Examples by Shakespeare and Wordsworth suggest.

Sexy Sonnets — A look at five classic sexy sonnets, including Shakespeare’s Sonnet XX and Millay’s Sonnet XLI, that inspired me to write the Sisters & Courtesans sonnets

Female Historical Persona & Character Poems

Why Write Female Historical Persona Poems? — Sisters & Courtesans, female historical persona poems that look at history from ancient Rome to now through the eyes of nuns and women of easy virtue.

Female Historical Persona & Character Poems — Female historical persona and character poems, with examples by poets such as A.E. Stallings, Margaret Atwood, and Kevin Young.

Poetry & Alzheimer’s

Working with Poetry and Alzheimer’s

Poetry by the Sea: A Global Conference

What Poetry by the Sea 2015 Meant to Me — A description of the inaugural Poetry by the Sea 2015 Conference, which took place in Madison, CT in May 2015 with keynote Marilyn Hacker


Marceline Desbordes-Valmore, Translation of Verlaine — Marceline Desbordes-Valmore, translation of Verlaine’s essay which appears in his 1884 book Les poetes maudits.