New Things

Sorry! I’ve been busy, and there’s been stuff happening, of which more later.

Firstly on the list of new things is the lovely iPhone I got for my birthday on July 23rd. Yes, I had resisted iTech successfully for the last few phone upgrades, but I couldn’t swim against the tide any longer. And boy, am I glad I stopped trying. I love my iPhone. I can think of no gadget more suited to a girl like me, who operates by the clock, has lists of lists, and believes information is power.

My favorite Apps (Yes, it has come to this!): Evernote (where I store everything from encrypted password information to poems to take with me on the fly); Shopping List (I loved the free version so much I bought the $2.99 upgrade); SeizeTheDay (A to do list system which knocks the socks off the page of my notebook where I used to list tasks by categories and cross them off); Facebook and Scrabble.

Of course Calendar, Email and Internet Access are also useful. I love being able to respond to urgent emails while I’m out and about, and it was awesome to have the internet available on Tuesday when I recognized a famous actor at 6 Flags, but could only remember that he was in one of the Law & Orders. (A quick Google revealed it was Vincent d’Onofrio, of Criminal Intent.)

The iPhone was also useful a week ago when my much-loved minivan was severely rear-ended at the traffic light at Creek and Centerton, on my way home from work. This was a somewhat scary ordeal because I had maybe about five to ten seconds of knowing that the car that had just raced over the bridge, unaware traffic was backed up almost right up to it with me at the end, was going to hit me. Ten seconds can be an awfully long time. Anyway the poor girl and her family were all very nice, and the aftermath entirely civil. I took photos and tapped in information which was all then readily to hand as I went through the somewhat painful processes which resulted in said minivan being declared legally dead on Tuesday evening.

Sad though this is, one legally dead minivan means one new minivan! Here’s a shout out to CarSense Burlington for providing me with the beautiful 2008 Dodge Grand Caravan with 22000 miles on the clock that I picked up this afternoon. Plus, those of you who know my Dantean past will realize that I was thoroughly gratified to learn the official color of my new transport was Inferno Red!

The summer is typically quiet for poetry news. Exit 13 will be publishing two of my letter poems and a sonnet in the spring 2012 issue; another sonnet, “Fitter,” appeared in the latest Lyric; Mezzo Cammin took two letter poems and a sonnet for an upcoming issue, and US1 took “I Promised to Say Nothing.” You can also read my sonnet, “The Hen & the Peacock” now online at The Flea.

Well, that’s you all updated, gentle reader, although it would be remiss of me not to provide you with a few iPhone rendered photos, so here you are! P.S. The scars are all healing nicely, and I can now ‘bite’ well-cooked pasta and ripe bananas with the capped tooth!

RIP Old Minivan
RIP Old Minivan
And He-llo New Minivan!
And He-llo New Minivan!


  1. So, I came here in search of poetry, and actually downloaded three of the Apps that you mentioned for the iPhone. 🙂

    (I found you while looking for online poetry journals)

    Have a great day,


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