Publication Update

The Schuykill Valley Journal accepted “If We Kissed,” a poem for which I have been trying to find a home for ages. It had five rejections and I tweaked it every time it came back, until finally on the sixth, voila! There’s a lesson there. 

Wicked Alice accepted “Cheek” for their online April Issue, and I just found out today that three of my poems are up in the latest online issue of VLQ: “Warsaw 1941,” “An Attempt to Explain to the Mammogram Technician Why I Cried” and “Strange Birds.” I never received an acceptance email from them – perhaps my spam filter ate it!

Finally, my chapbook Swimming will be published in March by Powerscore Press.

Of course January has brought its share of rejections. Eleventh Muse didn’t like what I sent them, even though I tried to follow Steven Schroeder’s Recommendations! The Connecticut Review sent back my Transformations set (5 poems based on modernizations of Ovid’s Metamorphoses) after six months, which could mean they made some kind of cut.

On the other hand it could just mean the editors are snowed under, like me. I have dozens of submissions sitting in the Barefoot Muse in box that I need to go through for the June Issue. Oh well, I’ll get to it!

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