Publications by Anna M. Evans


Publications by Anna M. Evans

Swimming. Maverick Duck Press: 2006
“…they aren’t the sort of erotic poems one’s afraid of (alternately lineated porn or so elliptical that one has to ask…) ~ Quincy R. Lehr. [Read more]

Selected Sonnets. Maverick Duck Press: 2008
“The sonneteer has approximately 140 syllables to create a miniature world, a little like a snow globe, for the reader to peer into.” ~ Anna M. Evans. [Read more]

Saint-Pol-Roux & Other Poems from the French. Barefoot Muse Press: 2012 (Also on Amazon)
“She has a wonderful ear for tone–her louche, blues-y Baudelaire is a real joy–and the technical chops to back up her ambition.” ~ Dick Davis

The Stolen From: Poems about Memory & Alzheimer’s. Barefoot Muse Press: 2013 (Also on Amazon)
“Anna Evans brings to her well-wrought poems the compassion and respect that come from having worked with the men and women she writes about. She has gone into the night mines and brought back a handful of dementia’s diamonds.” ~ John Foy

Selected Poems of Marceline Desbordes-Valmore. Barefoot Muse Press: 2014 (Also on Amazon)
“Evans has managed very well to communicate the peculiar and powerful sound and atmosphere of Desbordes-Valmore’s poetry.” ~ Uche Ogbuji

Sisters & Courtesans. White Violet Press: 2014 (Also on Amazon)
“A brilliant concept, beautifully executed.” ~ Rose Kelleher