Rollercoaster as Near Death Experience

I love rollercoasters. If you think you know me that might surprise you; if you actually do, of course it won’t.

Anyway yesterday I took my niece (visiting from England) and eldest daughter to Six Flags Great Adventure. This was a momentous occasion as it was the first time I had gone with a full crowd of fellow coaster lovers. (My younger daughter is a tad risk-averse, and my husband just doesn’t like them.) Of course my eldest is only 50″ as of yet, so she can’t ride the big coasters, but she has a certain sympathy with us for wanting to.

Now, should you go to this theme park, I highly recommend the fast pass system. It cost us $90 to get in (We had a Papa John’s BOGOF) and another $90 for two fast passes–one with just one person on it (the big coaster hopper) and one with all three of us on it (the family ride hopper). That might seem a little extreme, but none of us like waiting in line. This way Becky got to do Skull Mountain and the Log Flume twice, while my niece and I took turns on Batman and Nitro (of which Nitro is the better). But after we’d exhausted the family ride fast pass opportunities, we started using that pass as a coaster hopper too, which is how we ended up with 3 reservations on Kingda Ka.

Once I’d explained to my niece that Kingda Ka was the tallest and fastest roller coaster in the world she was keen to do it, and of course I wanted to do it. The line was 3 hours at that point, but we knew we’d be able to just walk on with our fast pass when our time came around. So, we had a chat with Becky and set her up with a drink and snack in full view of a snack bar and several park security officers, with instructions to tell anyone official who asked that she was 11, and off we went.

Bloody hell. It was a rush. You race vertically up this one hundred foot plus track, crest the top and accelerate vertically downwards, twisting as you go. My body genuinely thought it was going to die twice. Of course there’s a downside: my cell phone, which we’d kept with us so we could be in touch with Becks on her Firefly, shot out of my pocket somewhere on the way down. Also, I just washed up today and discovered a line of bruises under each upper arm, where the safety harness was pressed into my skin by the G-force.

But I’d do it again in a heartbeat. I’m like that, actually, in case you didn’t know.

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