The Reality of Low-Residency

I got home late Sunday night after an unpleasant “Planes, Trains & Automobiles” journey home. Yesterday everyone was off for MLK day, so today was the first day during which I really tried to get into the routine I will need to follow for the next two years.

It’s not that bad.

I got the kids on the school bus – as usual – then myself off to the YMCA for my 8.35 Chisel Class. I had to nip to Target afterwards for Becky’s Art Supplies – the list arrived while I was away – but I was home, showered and at my books by 10.45. I finished To The Lighthouse, which I had started at the airport – I’d really needed a short poetry break after the residency (although VW’s prose is practically poetry – I’m anxious to try and write a poem which uses the same non-linearity and devices of time compression and expansion.) Then I started Moy Sand And Gravel by Paul Muldoon, which is the book I am planning to write my two page essay on for the first packet, due February 1st. I read/ made notes/ researched for 2 hours, and then I found myself ‘Muldooned out.’ I shall probably post my essay here, so you can wait until then to discover my thoughts, but that leaves me about half way through the book.

Then I revised the poems we workshopped at the residency for about the next 90 minutes, which was a very productive session. Liam wants those in the first packet too, along with two new poems (but I wrote two while at Bennington, one of which I like enormously, so no problem there.)

Also today I received an acceptance from the Schuykill Valley Journal for “If We Kissed,” which was very gratifying.

I’m very much feeling I can do this, at this point. Long may it last!

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