Things to Do While Wearing a Holter Monitor

This is my second 24 hour Holter Monitor experience. The first occurred way back in January 2006, around the time my thyroid issues were diagnosed, back when I still thought I would live forever.

Anyway if I ever get around to writing that book I’m sure my Blog will provide useful notes, so I thought on this occasion I’d write about this test in more detail.

I have seven electrodes taped to my torso. Three form a triangle on my upper chest above my breasts. One is on my left breast and two on the rib cage beneath and around it. The final one is on my right side. Wires from these plug into a joiner, which hangs at my upper thigh. The single thick cable from the joiner leads into a device a little larger than a standard iPod. This sits in a black canvas pouch held by a strap which passes diagonally across my body, much like I would carry a shoulder bag in a well known mugging zone.

Obviously this device records my heartbeat on a removable chip. If I experience any irregularities I am supposed to press a button on the unit which will help them zero in on the part of the recording to examine. Nothing so far.

I can’t get the device wet, and the loose tee shirt (no bra) I am wearing does not fully cover the mess of wires or the black pouch. So, I won’t be making many trips out today. (Of course, I have to do the gymnastics run later.)

So what can you do while wearing a Holter Monitor? Laundry, drink tea, whine and write. That pretty much sums it up.

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  1. Barbara-Sue

    Thanks for your words. I’m to have my first Holter Monitor tomorrow and am pretty anxious. You made it sound (almost) normal. And I do love tea and have to do laundry.

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