This Little Piggy Has Fleas…

…but no Swine Flu, thank goodness! It was all just a tempest in an espresso cup, much as I predicted.

Paul Stevens’ latest editorial achievement, The Flea, is now online–worth perusing as much for the idiosyncratic house style as for the excellent poetry contained within by such luminaries as Rhina Espaillat, Rose Kelleher, Tim Murphy, and, of course, yours truly.

As a not particularly reformed Trekkie I can’t find enough good things to say about the new Star Trek Movie. Chris Pine is perfect as a James T. Kirk who is different from the original in ways that the plot justifies completely, and Simon Pegg brings a new feistiness to a faithful interpretation of Scottie. Go see it!

I am 75% of the way through my draft Emily Bronte essay for West Chester, which means I have covered her life and discussed one of her trademark poems, with one more to go.

The submission deadline of May 15th is coming up for the June 1st issue of The Barefoot Muse. I have read 720 poems so far for this issue, and have accepted 6 with 20 on hold. Meanwhile the June issue of The Raintown Review is in production, and we are reading for the Winter issue.

Busy, busy. Don’t close the school on me again, please!

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