Time to Get Serious–Calling Disillusioned Yasmin Users

I’m here at Bread Loaf for a few more hours, and I just pitched my non-fiction memoir, Letters from the Body, to an Editor, who was very interested. Last night at dinner I also pitched it to a wonderful Agent, who invited me to send her the m/s to date (currently standing at about 30,000 words.)

So, I need some additional material. If you are a woman of child-bearing age who has had a bad experience with Yasmin (or indeed, any other hormonal contraceptive) I invite you to tell me your story. I am particularly interested in incidences of blood clot and of course, stroke, plus any withdrawal symptoms experienced from the drug. Please email me at evnsanna_at_comcast.net including your full name, age, location, a brief gynecological history, and the main facts of your experience.

Check back here for updates as the book progresses. More about Bread Loaf anon.

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