Tuesday Goodness

When something isn’t going too well, it’s good to concentrate on a few things that are, especially if you have children. (It’s not good for the little darlings to see Mommy cry, and none of us wants to end up like Sylvia Plath.)

My good friend Rachel over on Journalspace does an entry every Friday called “Friday Goodness,” so here for you today (Upper lip a little wobbly but mostly stiff) is some Tuesday Goodness.

  1. The guys at Citypaper.net contacted the QNDs yesterday asking for 100 word articles for their “Culture Shock” feature. Immediately inspired, I whizzed one back on, of all things, drinking hot tea, and I think they’re going to publish it. Or at least, that’s how I interpret the response: “Very, very cool! (Hot!)”
  2. Shattercolors are taking three of my poems for their next issue, including “Return to Narragansett” which won the “Words on the Wall” at the Philadelphia Writers’ Conference in 2005.
  3. I have babysitting for Friday, so I can take my husband with me when we go out to celebrate a good friend’s birthday in the alternative lifestyle area of Philadelphia.
  4. Becky has been working very hard on her gymnastics, and may get to compete three of the four events at her first Level 5 Gymnastics meet on Sunday: Bars, Beam and Floor. (She just can’t do the Level 5 Vault yet.)
  5. I’m still psyched about the election. Yay for the Democrats!
  6. I wrote a poem yesterday which is different from anything else I’ve ever written. It’s called “An Imaginary History of my Grandfather.”
  7. I forgot to eat yesterday evening and today I weighed only a little over 130 lb. (Okay, maybe that’s not so good, forgetting to eat, but the girls reading this will get it.)
  8. Today I get to go into my kids’ school for Open Day. Becky’s class is doing a little play, which should be really cute.
  9. Lorna got picked as a child reading well above Grade level for the second grade enrichment program.
  10. Tomorrow I’m going to a poetry reading at Burlington County Library. Bettye Spinner is the featured reader and my good friend Adele is hosting. It should be a good night.

There you go. Maybe life doesn’t suck as much as I thought it did, after all.

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