We Interrupt This Literary BS

…to bring you some Gymnastics news: you are now reading the blog of the mother of the Level 4, age 6-8 All Around Champion for the Sweetheart Invitational Meet in Paramus, NJ.

Becky did an amazing job today at her second ever meet and first away meet. Admittedly, the competition in her age group and level wasn’t that stiff, consisting as it did of five other girls from her home gym. Nevertheless, she earned her success, with an amazing 8.9 on Vault, a 7.5 on floor (She didn’t quite stick the round-off back handspring), a 7.4 on beam (She fell off, but got back on like a little trooper and finished the routine beautifully) and a 7.3 on bars (Okay, the front mill circle was very dubious.)

She was totally chuffed with her ribbons and the all around medal, and has been in a sunny mood ever since, even submitting to do her Computing homework.

Sometimes it’s nice to be just a mom. 🙂


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