West Chester Poetry Conference 2013

Kim Bridgford asked me to write a guest blog entry on the West Chester Poetry Conference 2013 for Books, Inq. I’m pushed for time today, but I wanted to provide a link to it here, and also add some more personal shout outs to my many West Chester friends.

I’m bound to forget someone, but it’s been great seeing former Timeliners like Marilyn Taylor, Julie Kane, Jehanne Dubrow and Katherine Varnes. It’s always a pleasure trying to restrain Quincy from giving someone who shall not be named the finger. I love seeing frequent Raintown contributors like Frank Osen, here on the First Books panel, and Burt Myers, along with old friends from Sewanee like Anne-Marie Thompson and Erica Dawson, plus Eratosphere comrades like Mike Cantor. It’s a joy to talk shop with fellow editors including Alex Pepple and Uche Ogbuji, and of course there are many people I only see at West Chester because they live so far away: Susan de Sola, Dick Davis. The unofficial shuttle of the conference aka my minivan, has given me the opportunity to chat with Gregory Dowling and Allison Joseph. Finally one of the thrills of West Chester is being introduced to new people, like Charlotte Innes, but my name recollection is poor, so that list is limited.

The last day rolls onward apace! More later!

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  1. Janet Kenny

    Thank you Anna. As one of the most distant poets it always gives me great pleasure to hear who was there. Good to know that Michael Cantor is still in the fight. You managed to restrain Quincy?

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