What Technology Means To Me

Welcome to the first blog post from my blog’s new home at www.annamevans.com/wordpress/. Yes, having succumbed to iPhone madness in my last post (although in my defense this was several months ago!) I have now succumbed to ‘Own Your Domain Name’ fever and purchased annamevans.com.

In case you are interested, I’ll run you through the thought processes.

  1. At the marvelous Push To Publish conference this past Saturday, I was introduced to the capabilities of Amazon’s Print on Demand company, Createspace, and determined to, at the very least, attempt to market the recorded CD that I had previously home produced using my Mac and printer in a more professional fashion.
  2. While entering artwork details for said CD it became very clear that http://home.comcast.net/~evnsanna/poems.htm a) didn’t fit well on the glossy jewel case insert, b) contradicted the professionalism of the operation
  3. While investigating domain name purchase I discovered that the business hosting I use through Godaddy for our Consultancy company, Global Bridge, was a) vastly superior to Comcast’s b) with a minor upgrade, able to support an unlimited number of independent domain names.
  4. Hence I can also transfer the domain name barefootmuse.com, which I desire to remain in my possession for the foreseeable future, to the Godaddy servers, and stop paying Yahoo small business $12.95 per month for what is, again, an inferior service. I’m in the process of taking this step (Domain transfer is a little more complicated than new domain registration) and ultimately expect the decision to pay for itself in short order.

So that’s all good then, plus it has inspired me to actually write a blog post, PLUS the transfer of the files has automatically upgraded my WordPress to the latest version. (I do believe I must be the worst techno geek poet I know!)

I’m now trying to think if there is anything else I ought to update my long-suffering readership on before leaving this to go update some blog links. Hmm! Sammy the Face Destroyer is on a diet, and suffering with it! Becky seems to be dealing with High School. Poetry stuff is largely going well. Oh yes, and we are having a reading to celebrate the launch of the new issue (10.1) of The Raintown Review this coming Friday at 7 p.m. The Parlors, St. Joseph’s College in Brooklyn. Maybe I’ll see you there and I can bore you some more about website administration!

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