When a Republican Primary Causes a Split

Read a factual account of the Hainesport Township meeting.

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Yesterday’s township meeting was unremarkable in many ways. The usual suspects talked about the usual subjects. But what was unusual was the way in which Deputy Mayor Masciocchi seemed determined to attack Committeeman Dickinson wherever possible. He went after him once for “over-reach” in the matter of the Fostertown/Rt 38 traffic light, and the second time, harder, for “misleading the public” in the matter of shared services.

We could be charitable and assume Masciocchi’s hostility toward Dickinson is simply him making good on campaign promises to think independently. We can note that his campaign literature declares he “will support shared service agreements that save taxpayers money” and argue that he is concerned his own reputation may be tarnished. Or, we can wonder if this is anything to do with the upcoming Republican Primary.

The Republican Primary

On June 6th, New Jersey will go to the polls for its Democrat & Republican Primary Elections. Outside of the excitement over the Governor’s race, Hainesport has its own contest, with long time incumbents Mick Dickinson & Tony Porto running as the “real” Republicans against “reform” Republicans Lee Schneider & Ted Costa. All 4 candidates have baggage: Dickinson has the Health Benefits; Porto has that, plus the Frog meme; Costa is the former Township Solicitor and Republican Party Chair who was ousted from both positions by Tony Porto; and Schneider is the sister of Natalie Schneider, two-time Democrat candidate for Hainesport Committee.

Noted Alliances

Porto, Gilmore & Fitzpatrick colluded in the baseless charges which were brought against me, as previously discussed. Gilmore & Masciocchi have not seemed particularly chummy since their campaign. Dickinson & Porto were out and about in District 4 last weekend campaigning as a unit, although the previous week Ted Costa was spotted visiting Tony Porto’s house. Former Committeeman Bruce MacLachlan, also ousted by Porto, is rumored to be supporting the “reform” candidates, and has been seen campaigning with Lee Schneider. Interestingly, Masciocchi & Costa are both solicitors who live on Parry Drive. A quick search reveals that they are, not surprisingly, Facebook friends.

What if Masciocchi were backing the ‘reform’ candidates in the Republican Primary? Or at least, Ted Costa? It would certainly then make sense to try to discredit Dickinson in public.

Furthermore, I received a Facebook Messenger message a few days ago (obviously from a fake profile) accusing me of having an affair with Mick Dickinson. Once you have stopped laughing, let’s consider who would benefit from that slur. Obviously, the ‘reform’ candidates, by attacking two birds with one stone. In addition, using “sock puppet” Facebook profiles is totally in the Republican playbook, as we saw during the last campaign.

Obviously I’m not an authority on what is going on with the Republicans, but I do know what I observed at the Township Meeting last night. And Masciocchi attacking Dickinson less than a month before the Republican Primary is the opposite of supportive.

Fortunately, I have a solution for you if you are tired of these plots and squabbles: ignore the township Republican Primary and simply vote Democrat For Hainesport Committee in November 2017.



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