Where Did Q1 Go?

I just got finished updating my reading/event schedule for 2014 (which you can find here) and it leads me to shake my head in despair at the rapid passage of time. It seems like only yesterday I was in CA celebrating Quincy’s wedding, and here I am in late March with a very busy National Poetry Month rapidly approaching.

Of course, much has been going on in these first 3 months of 2014. I attended AWP in Seattle, and then flew off to FL hot on the heels of that trip to watch Becky and the Rancocas Valley Dance Team kick their way to the National Small Team Varsity Kick Championship. I also had my manuscript, Sisters & Courtesans, accepted for publication by White Violet Press.

MBCoverAs usual I have been teaching at Richard Stockton (Argument & Persuasion in the Arts & Humanities, Hammonton campus), WWAC and Care1 Moorestown. There SHOULD be a new issue of the Raintown Review coming out very shortly, along with Marybeth Rua-Larsen’s excellent chapbook, Nothing In-Between, from Barefoot Muse Press.

The only reason I think I have time to draw breath right now is that we are between Dance seasons (for all of the next 6 weeks) and Becky’s Junior Prom was over Friday.

Anyway, I hope I’ll be catching up with some of the people who read my blog at one of the many poetry events I’m attending in April! See you around!

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