Why We Do It

On Friday my poetry group, the Quick & Dirty Poets, hosted a poetry reading, the second in our Hot ‘n Sticky Summer series, with featured reader Deborah LaVeglia.

Now, it’s not often that these things go off without a hitch, but I have to say that this one did. It was my turn to compere, and I was wearing the most adorable high heel shoes in the world, along with a low cut halter neck top which prompted my husband to coin a new word “sloet”–work it out for yourself…

The coffee shop had the perfect number of people in it: not so full it got overheated, but full enough to compliment the featured reader and provide an enthusiastic audience.

Deborah was wonderful. Her poems are warm, witty and very moving, and she immediately established a sound rapport with the audience. Four of the QNDs were present, and we all gave a good account of ourselves. R read mostly new poems, the last one of which was very innovative. K and D both read a couple of my favorites of theirs. I read a couple of recently accepted sonnets and three free verse poems, including “This Is The Son” for R.

We had four solid readers in the Open Mic, including Joe Weil, who sang one of his pieces a cappella in his beautiful Irish lilt.

And after that we went to the bar. It doesn’t get much better than that.

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