Why You Should Watch Channel 6 Action News on Monday at 11

Because I’ll be on it, in a nutshell.

Basically, a while ago I was chatting with my friend P and she was telling me a long saga of woes about her problems with Sears. Things had gotten so bad that eventually she lodged a complaint with Channel 6 Action News Consumer Hotline.

Hmm. I thought. Perhaps they would be interested in hearing about my health problems and suspicions that Yasmin is the root cause. So I did the same.

Now, I don’t believe they ever got back to P about Sears, but about a month ago a very nice reporter called me and we had a long chat. She said she needed to follow up independently and would get back to me.

A week later she called again. Apparently she had found another young woman (32) in the Philadelphia area who had died of a stroke after being on Yasmin, and she wanted to run with the story.

So the following week she turned up at my house (Yes, in the Action News van) with a cameraman and interviewed me. It was a fascinating experience. They shot most of the footage of me sitting at my kitchen table, but then they wanted to get some additional footage for voiceover: me taking my daily aspirin, me making a cup of tea, me reading to the kids, the kids playing with the dog, and the family group photo we had taken before Christmas. (yes, even Keba isn’t safe!)

They asked me not to blog it until they had started running the trailers for it, which apparently began last night. So I didn’t, but now I am.

I may sound terrible (I hate my voice in recordings normally) and look like an earnest frumpy housewife, but I don’t care. Women need to be warned that they should think more about the hormones they elect to put in their bodies, and no one else seemed prepared to tell them.

So I did.

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