Wicked Little Hackers!

A quick note here just in case any of my readers/followers were alarmed by the new theme and a few disappearing test blog posts from this afternoon.

When I tweeted earlier about the ‘Virtual Blog Tour,’ a friend was quick to point out that his Avast! web shield was blocking my blog due to malware. As soon as I got chance I did a little research of my own and discovered that yes, indeed, there were invisible web links popping up in my posts. (‘Invisible’? Why? I assume that although these links aren’t meant to be noticed by the site owner they in some way ‘count’ toward the search engine visibility of the products they advertise–things, of course, like cialis!)

I thought that changing the theme would suffice but on this occasion it didn’t. I had to go combing through my WordPress folders, looking for files older than the most recent version update, and examining them for evil code. (In case this is helpful to anyone else, the files were ms-ravel-roil.php and template-incidental-tout.php in the wp-includes folder.) I assume these files (which contained blocks of incomprehensible 64 bit code) were somehow corrupting the new theme as it was installed, but once I had deleted them, I was able to install a new theme without further problem.

And yes, wicked little hackers, I changed my password. 🙂

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