Tomorrow at 6.30 a.m. Becky and I leave for Michigan State University, where she will be competing with her 7th Grade Talented and Gifted team in the Odyssey of the Mind World Finals.

Leaving my life for five days, even with one child in tow, is clearly a hugely stressful undertaking, and planning for it has been time-consuming, so I apologize to anyone who is overdue a response on a TBM submission. (Q and I are relatively up to date on TRR.) Oh, and somewhat belatedly, the new issue of TRR is out!!

I have also now taught two of my three workshops at the Elizabeth Haddon school. The kids are adorable–one little boy ran over to me from the swing set today as I was leaving just to give me a hug–although today I really earned my money: I was ad-hoc’ing limericks on my knees on asphalt using 3d sidewalk chalk for almost an hour!

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