Mothers' Boys

After so many good years
I have all but forgotten the men
but somehow their mothers still haunt me
and need exorcism by pen.

In my hysterical manor
their portraits hang all up the wall
above the steps of the stairway
and along the length of the hall.

They've formed themselves into a coven
and pledged they will stay in my head
at least till their sons all get married,
if not till the day I am dead.

It's not that they acted like witches.
Most of them were quite okay,
but each of them had her suspicions
as to where it was my motives lay

With her sweet and adorable angel,
her precious, her cherub, her son.
I tried very hard to deceive them,
but they knew I was in it for fun.

And they had to pick up the pieces
the day after I ran away.
And they had to button their mouths up,
and try very hard not to say

"I told you so!" - Listen up ladies,
you worthy and admirable crew,
I might have stayed with your sons longer,
if I hadn't known they preferred you.

I didn't like doing their washing,
or hanging on each word they said.
I couldn't cook dinners like you did.
(I think I was better in bed).

And now I have heard they are married
to women like you used to be.
who sleep with THEIR sons in the nursery.
while your sons lie dreaming of me!

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