Not a Sonnet

This is not a sonnet babe, you said.
Thereís too much speech; it makes it hard to see
the rhymes. -Thereís too much football in your head,

I answered. Look! It rhymes abab.

Arenít all sonnets meant to be about
you said. This isnít, so itís not
a sonnet. -Youíre in it,
I pointed out,
and weíre in love. You said, Oh, I forgot.

It is a sonnet. Watch how it just turned
tragic in the sestet. The next line
suggests, in writing it, I should have learned
our love is doomed Ė youíre far too philistine.

Well, youíre a geek, you said, but I would miss you.
And that is where I stopped the verse to kiss you.

Previously appeared in Swimming

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