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"An earlier feminist poet went 'diving into the wreck' of personal experience and gender politics. Now comes Anna Evans, diving into the wreck of the Titanic to illuminate both personal experience and the politics of social class. Working at the height of her remarkable poetic powers, Evans fuses the historical voyage of the doomed luxury liner with the personal (her mother's fatal illness) and the political (class inequality, resonating with our own disastrous era). The result is one of the best, most unforgettable books I have read in years." ~ Julie Kane

Under Dark Waters: Surviving the Titanic

May 28 2018, Able Muse Press

Available for order now from Able Muse Press.

Also available for order from Amazon.

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"In her forthcoming poetry collection, Under Dark Waters: Surviving the Titanic, Evans invites us to board the ship with her. In a series of form poems—sonnets, villanelles, a ghazal, a paradelle—Evans shines the light of humanity upon the passengers of the Titanic. She imagines the lives and voices of the people involved, from the crew to the passengers, illustrating their last moments and their inner thoughts." ~ Katy Haas, New Pages. Read full review